Mitt Romney Will Do 'Everything Within Normal Political Bounds' to Prevent Donald Trump as GOP Nominee

Romney also shot down being a candidate in a contested GOP convention.

ByABC News
March 4, 2016, 8:36 AM

— -- After delivering a fierce condemnation of Donald Trump yesterday, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said this morning that “there’s no question I'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure we don't nominate Donald Trump.”

In an interview on NBC's "Today Show," the former Massachusetts governor continued his criticism of Trump, arguing that the GOP front-runner is unfit to be president and his attacks at last night's Republican debate were a "new low in presidential politics."

"You can't have anyone whose policies are so far from the views of my party become our nominee," Romney said. "And someone who has demonstrated over time he doesn't have the temperament or the personal qualities to be a great president."

Romney shot down the idea that he would be the candidate to save the GOP if it came down to a contested convention.

“There are no circumstances I can foresee where that would possibly happen," Romney said, adding, "No reasonable scenario I can imagine.”

Romney said it’s up to either Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich to "save this party."

“We're going to get a sense within a few days of who that person might be," Romney said. "But I'm going to be supporting that person and doing everything I can to make sure they become the nominee of the party.”

At the University of Utah on Thursday, Romney attempted to eviscerate Trump by calling him a "phony," "fraud," and dishonest among other things.

Romney explained that he's speaking out now against the New York businessman because "Donald Trump's outrage had reached such a level that I simply had to speak out.”

He also admitted that his attacks may not stop Trump's trajectory: “I don't know if it will or not. But I know I couldn't stand silent anymore," Romney conceded.

Trump endorsed Romney for president when he was the GOP nominee in 2012. Romney defended his decision to accept and seek Trump's endorsement.

“I was seeking his endorsement and now he's seeking mine -- that’s very different. A lot of people that endorse me I wouldn't endorse for president," he said. "And secondly, a lot has happened in the last year. And frankly, had I heard him say the things I had now, I wouldn't have welcomed his endorsement.”