Montel Williams Blasts Donald Trump: 'A Racist Is as a Racist Does'

Williams joined this week's episode of "Powerhouse Politics" podcast.

When asked why he believes Trump's direct appeal to the African-American community is false, Williams replied, “Are you kidding me? Seriously, do you really believe that?”

“It really has done more to make sure that the primary people he was speaking in front of would be less apt to say, ‘Oh, he is a racist,’” he added. “You cannot go back and now retract your statements and your past to try to say that you’re not what you have been.”

Williams also cast doubt on Trump’s ability to lead the country, explaining that he is a direct threat to the United States “without any question.”

“He’s shown the fact that he does not have the capacity to even understand international politics,” Williams said. “He’s shown a clear direction in his thinking that it’s OK to commit war crimes.”

But he just can’t pull the lever for Trump.

“I think [Trump] has done it to himself. I just cannot vote for him,” said Williams.