Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner Offer Emotional Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Clinton continues her pitch to black voters ahead of the South Carolina primary.

"I think about my son day in and day out, I live with this day in and day out, these mothers live with this day in and day out, and we have an opportunity to have someone who is gonna stand up for us as African-Americans, for us as women, I say my vote goes to Hillary Clinton,” Fulton explained.

Both Clinton and Sanders have recently made a blatant pitch to African-Americans — a demographic that is expected to make up nearly half of the Democratic voters in South Carolina, where Clinton is leading by double digits.

Her campaign event on Tuesday came just hours after a federal judge said some of Clinton’s top aides should testify over the use of her private email server while Secretary of State.

While Clinton did not address her emails during the roundtable with the mothers, she later brushed off the new development when asked about it during a CNN town hall that evening.

“It is just not something that, you know, is going to have any lasting effect,” Clinton said, "And I am not at all worried about it.”