Nancy Pelosi 'Proud to Endorse' Hillary Clinton for President

The California Democrat and superdelegate backs the presumptive nominee.

"I'm a voter in California and I have voted for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States and proud to endorse her for that position," the Democratic superdelegate said, though adding "it's not over until it's over."

"Bernie knows better than anyone what's on the line in the election and that we at some point have to unify as we go forward," she said. "He wants to influence the platform. I think that’s fine."

Pelosi also responded to a question about the prospect of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's joining the Clinton ticket.

"We've had two men over and over again for hundreds of years," she told Stephanopoulos. "I think that two women, whoever they may be, that would be fabulous as well, but Hillary Clinton will choose the person that she feels most comfortable with."

And while it's "exciting" to see the first female nominee for a major party, Pelosi said, Clinton's historic achievement is "because she is the best, not because she's a woman."

Eight years ago, Clinton ended her first primary campaign for president and endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama.