Nancy Pelosi Sports Sunglasses In Solidarity With Harry Reid After Eye Injury

She donned the shades indoors.

— -- Wearing sunglasses indoors may be the new craze on Capitol Hill.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi walked into a news conference on DHS funding this morning and threw on some sunglasses in solidarity with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

“I brought my glasses to be with Harry but he switched on me,” Pelosi said to laughs from reporters.

“I tricked her,” Reid answered.

Earlier this week, Reid debuted some dark sunglasses to cover up an injury sustained to his right eye while exercising earlier this year.

But today, Reid went with a different set of specs – dark rimmed glasses with a shaded lens covering his right eye.

Reid has undergone two surgeries to help restore vision in his right eye.

“I can see out of my right eye just not very well, and it hasn't healed,” Reid told reporters on Tuesday. “I have to be a patient.”