Newly Launched Super PAC Vows to Raise Millions for Donald Trump

The Committee for American Sovereignty expects to raise $20 million by July.

A brand new pro-Trump super PAC launched today, touting its ability to take on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton through a major donor operation focused on funding voter registration programs, get-out-the-vote operations, and television and online media ad buys.

Representatives for the group, called the Committee for American Sovereignty, say they expect to raise $20 million between now and the GOP convention in July and upwards of $100 million throughout the course of the campaign.

“With the recent announcement that a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC has already booked over $90 million in ad time in just seven states in June, it is clear we need to ramp up major donor fundraising efforts, unify Republicans, and take on the Clinton machine. We have already begun to raise significant funds in California and from supporters across the country," Watts said.

The advisory committee to the Committee for American Sovereignty includes military leaders, the former chairman of Trump Resorts International and political activists from across the country.