The Note: 28 Days Until Election Day

ByABC News
October 11, 2016, 6:16 PM


Reporter's Notebook: In the Eye of the Trump Firestorm. It started on a Friday afternoon. The debate was two days away and Donald Trump was supposed to travel to Wisconsin the next day for an appearance at the Elkhorn Fall Fest. The press was excited for fried fair food. But that fateful afternoon everything changed. ABC’s CANDACE SMITH offers an inside look from the campaign trail with the Trump campaign:

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Slams Donald Trump's 2005 Remarks About Women as 'Completely Indefensible.' New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, one of Donald Trump’s staunchest advocates, denounced Trump’s lewd comments about women in a leaked 2005 tape, saying he was with Trump when the video surfaced, writes ABC’s MORGAN WINSOR. “Let’s be really clear. It is completely indefensible,” Christie told Craig Carton on WFAN radio this morning when asked about the comments. “I won’t defend it and haven’t defended it. That kind of talk and conversation, even in private, is just unacceptable.”

Trump Goes on Twitter Tirade Against 'Disloyal' Republicans. Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade against House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican leaders after Ryan in a conference call Monday with GOP House members told them that he was not rescinding his endorsement of Trump but would not defend or campaign for him. ABC’s VERONICA STRACQUALURSI has more:

'Unprecedented' Rift Among Republicans Puts Party's Survival in Limbo, Experts Say. The disarray within the GOP is so unprecedented, experts say, that it is unclear how the party could – or ever will – reunify after the presidential election. Ryan Williams, a Republican strategist and former aide to Mitt Romney who has not supported Trump, predicts that Trump will lose the presidential election and, “unfortunately, hurt several” of the down-ballot Republicans, notes ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY:


ABC’s MATTHEW CLAIBORNE: At his second event of the day, Bill Clinton was trying to argue that the election cycle hasn’t been enough about the people when he was interrupted by a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” shirt who starting screaming “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” The man was promptly escorted out. This is the third time I recall this happening to President Clinton during a campaign rally. 1st in Ohio during his bus tour, 2nd in Milwaukee when two men heckled him calling him a rapist and 3rd today in Ft. Myers, Florida.

ABC’s JOSH HASKELL and LIZ KREUTZ: Hillary Clinton and Al Gore re-united in Miami this afternoon in front of 1,600 for a rally that focused on climate change, but also their history and the 2000 election. "There is not anybody, there is not anybody who knows more has done more has worked harder. I know he was in Miami just last year training and educating people to be climate change activists. I can't wait to have Al Gore advising me when I am president of the United States.” Clinton urged the crowd to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” tonight and talked about how Gore is “one of the world’s foremost leaders on climate change.” Then, she talked about Trump’s views on climate change: "I'm running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it's a hoax created by the Chinese."

ABC’s INES DE LA CUETARA: During his campaign rally in Newton, Iowa, Mike Pence made no mention of House Speaker Paul Ryan. He did take questions from the audience, including one from a woman who told him she is "ready for a revolution" if Clinton gets elected. Pence told her not to say that and went on to talk about voter fraud. Pence told pool reporters who shouted out questions that he would comment on Ryan later. He said he has spoken to the speaker since this weekend.


Trump’s Tough New TV Spot: The Trump campaign released a new TV ad today. It’s their campaign’s darkest attack ad, beginning with the the foreign policy issues the next president will faces. It also includes the 9/11 memorial footage of Clinton not being able to stand on her own, as well as another still of her holding on to someone for support up a flight of stairs. It’s clear she tripped, but it’s a favorite of conspiracy theorists. Titled “Dangerous,” the ad again questions Clinton’s “stamina.” WATCH:

The Ads Republicans Are Worried About: These are the ads Republicans are worried about - Democrats are on the attack against down-ballot Republicans on the airwaves after Donald Trump's tumultuous weekend. In an open House race in Wisconsin, Democrat Tom Nelson is up with a new attack ad on Green Bay television that prominently features Trump's 2005 remarks. "Mike Gallagher still says we have to support Donald Trump. No, we don’t. We don’t have to support Mike Gallagher either," the narrator reads. (Gallagher, a former Marine and Senate aide, denounced Trump's comments over the weekend but appears not to have pulled an endorsement.) WATCH:

Clinton Super PAC Out With Three Web Ads: Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, Priorities USA just released three new digital ads. The buy is $700,000 and they will target Latino voters in Florida and Nevada and will be seen on Facebook and Instagram and heard on Pandora. The ads feature three Latina voters and why they are voting for Clinton. "I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton because the Latino community matters a lot to her (porque a ella le importa mucha la comunidad Latina)," Ruth Romero says in Spanish in one of the ads. WATCH: WATCH: WATCH:


“Your vote really, really really counts. A lot. You can consider me as an exhibit a of that truth,” Al Gore campaigning with Hillary Clinton today in Florida -- the state where his own presidential hopes were dashed in 2000.


--6 PM - President Obama campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina - a state he won in 2008, but lost in 2012.

--7 PM - Mike Pence will deliver remarks at the Scott County Republican Party's 8th annual Ronald Reagan dinner in Iowa

--8 PM – Donald Trump appears on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News

--8:30 PM – Donald Trump campaigns in Panama City, Florida

--10 PM - Mike Pence to appear on Fox News’ ‘Hannity’


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is expected to hold a conference call with Congressional members who support Trump.