The Note: Clinton Vaults to Double-Digit Lead in New ABC News Poll


NOTED: CLINTON’S STRATEGIST REBUTS CLAIMS DEMOCRATS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR VIOLENCE AT TRUMP RALLIES: Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist and pollster refuted claims that Democrats are responsible for inciting violence at Donald Trump's campaign rallies, saying the blame lays squarely on the rhetoric of the GOP candidate, ABC’s MARGARET CHADBOURN reports.“Donald Trump, day after day, on the stump, was inciting people,” Joel Benenson told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.” "We have video of Donald Trump saying, 'punch him in the mouth. I want him carried out on a stretcher.'” Over the past week, Trump frequently referred to a secretly recorded video recently released by conservative activist James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Action. The highly edited video appears to show a Democratic operative bragging about deploying troublemakers at Trump rallies.

WHAT WE’RE READING -- 40 PERCENT OF AMERICANS SAY NEITHER CANDIDATE IS FUNNY: Aside from the qualifications and policy proposals of the two major-party presidential nominees, Americans say it's important that the country's next president has a sense of humor, ABC’s RACHEL TILLMAN writes. But 40 percent said neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is funny. The two candidates took turns making jokes and jabbing at each other at Thursday's Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York City, a tradition for presidential candidates every four years, although this year's event had an edgier tone. ABC News partnered with SSRS survey research firm to ask Americans how important it is for the next president to have ’a sense of humor.

-- IN CASE YOU MISSED IT -- SNL SATIRIZES THIRD DEBATE: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to provide "Saturday Night Live" with plenty of fodder. Tonight's episode spoofed last Wednesday's third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas, which was moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace. Guest host Tom Hanks played Wallace. As in weeks past, Alec Baldwin and "SNL" cast member Kate McKinnon impersonated Trump and Clinton, zeroing in on the most eccentric and quirky aspects of their behavior.

--PHOTO --THE MOMENT CLINTON LEARNED THE CUBS ARE WORLD-SERIES BOUND: Nick Merrill snapped the photo Saturday night onboard the campaign plane, where Clinton -- who was raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge -- was handed a phone and watched highlights from the game.


@antnydibernardo: Last time the #Cubs won the pennant:- WWII had just ended- John Lennon was 5 years old. - The NBA had yet to have been established.

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@senatorshoshana: Reince says media overhypes Trump, he “eats cornflakes” and the media covers it all day.

@ThisWeekABC: .@jonkarl: “Democratic chances of winning the Senate have gone up as Donald Trump’s campaign has gone down.” #ThisWeek

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