The Note: Trump puts the pressure on his party

Trump is pressuring House GOP ahead of tomorrow's vote on the health care bill.

Day No. 62

TLDR: The stakes are high for Thursday: Trump and his administration are making the health care vote a critical moment for his presidency, but he's still very much lining up votes with no guarantee it will pass the House, never mind the Senate.


--UNCOMMITTED REPUBLICANS PUT OBAMACARE OVERHAUL IN JEOPARDY: At least 22 Republicans in the U.S. House oppose or remain undecided on the American Health Care Act, enough to jeopardize the fate of the sweeping bill when it is slated to come for a vote on Thursday evening, according to an ABC News count. House GOP leaders need 216 votes to pass the bill, which allows for 21 Republican "no" votes, assuming every Democratic member in the chamber also votes "no." Still, the count remains fluid as the lobbying efforts on both sides continue.

--SCOTUS NOMINEE SAYS ATTACKS ON FEDERAL JUDGES 'DISHEARTENING’: Judge Neil Gorsuch sought to distance himself from the Trump administration and slam the president for his attacks against federal judges during his testimony before members of Congress on Tuesday. Gorsuch said he was offended by language used by President Trump, who has a history of lashing out against federal judges involved in cases that are not in his favor, ABC’s MARIAM KHAN reports. "When anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity, the motives of a federal judge, I find that disheartening. I find that demoralizing, because I know the truth," Gorsuch said. When Gorsuch was asked if "anyone" included Trump himself, Gorsuch responded, "Anyone is anyone."


KEY MOMENTS FROM GORSUCH'S SECOND DAY OF CONFIRMATION HEARING. Judge Neil Gorsuch answered questions yesterday about the president's travel ban, Roe v. Wade and other hot button issues. ABC’s MARIAM KHAN highlights some of the key takeaways from Tuesday's hearing.

HEALTH CARE EXPERTS DOUBT CHANGES TO GOP BILL WITH LEAD TO MORE COVERAGE. Health care experts doubt that the amendments added Monday night to the Republican health care bill will change top-line numbers estimates from the Congressional Budget Office about how many people will be uninsured under the proposed bill or how much out of pocket cost may go up. One of the other major concerns with the bill were skyrocketing, out-of-pocket costs projected for lower income, older Americans, who could see costs rise but their tax credit shrink significantly compared to current subsidies provided under current law. ABC’s MARYALICE PARKS has more.

HOW IVANKA TRUMP'S ROLE AT THE WHITE HOUSE HAS GROWN. President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has been by her father’s side since he took office, but with Monday’s announcement that she’ll have her own seat in the White House, her role as first daughter is heading into unprecedented territory. The news that Ivanka Trump, 35, is being given a West Wing office, increased security clearance and a government-issued communications device was met with shock by some experts, ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY writes. “There really is no precedent for this. I do not have any knowledge of a similar arrangement of an individual with no formal title with an office and clearance. But like many things in the administration, they are breaking new ground,” said Anita McBride, a former assistant to President George W. Bush and chief of staff to first lady Laura Bush.


TRUMP'S US-MEXICO BORDER WALL GIVES ARIZONA TOWN A SENSE OF WORRY AND HOPE. John Ladd has seen just about every incarnation of the border fence separating his cattle ranch in Arizona from Mexico. Ladd, like the majority of other voters in Cochise County, a postage-stamp-shaped county at the southeastern corner of Arizona, voted for Trump. “What he said about Mexico, what he said the problems were with illegal immigration is reality,” Ladd said. “We live here.” More from ABC’s JESSICA HOPPER and MEGHAN KENEALLY:


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