PATRIOT Act Provisions Expire: What Happens Next

The Senate is scrambling to pass legislation to reform the expired program.

In addition to the bulk collection program, two other Patriot Act provisions sunset last night -- one allowing for the close monitoring of so-called "lone wolf" terror suspects and another giving law enforcement officials the authority to use roving wiretaps on terror suspects that are using multiple phones.

The USA Freedom Act aims to strengthen civil liberties protections, creating a dedicated panel of privacy and civil liberties experts at the FISA courts. It also extends the "lone wolf" and roving wiretaps provisions, which expired last night, until the end of December 2019.

"It's not ideal," McConnell said Sunday. "It's now the only realistic way forward."

The Senate is expected to pass the USA Freedom Act later this week, but there could be amendments to the measure, meaning it would return to the House to be reconsidered.

One potential amendment that may be included is a provision requiring a certification process to ensure the telephone companies have the ability to query data at the request of the government.