With Paul Manafort Gone, Who's Left to Run Donald Trump's Campaign?

With Manafort's Resignation, the Trump Campaign is now left without experience.

Donald Trump's team has always been a lean operation fueled by the candidate himself rather than the organization around him, but from the very beginning the Trump campaign included people who had at least some experience running political campaigns.

But now the top ranks of the team include family members, conservative media executive Stephen Bannon and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, the new campaign manager.

All of them had experience running campaigns and all were forced out.

For reference, here’s a partial list of senior Trump campaign aides and advisors who have been fired or reassigned by Donald Trump:

Roger Stone – Trump’s first political strategist, forced out last August. Sam Nunenberg - Trump’s first full-time political aide, also fired last August. Rick Wiley – Hired as Political Director in April; fired in May. Kevin Kellems – a veteran Republican operative hired in June and fired less than two weeks later. Corey Lewandowski – Fired in June. Michael Caputo - who helped run his campaign in New York, fired in June after gleefully celebrating Lewandowski’s firing. Barry Bennett - formerly of the Carson campaign, fired in July Ed Brookover - fired in July Michael Glassner - Trump’s first political director, a veteran of Bob Dole’s 1996, moved over to Mike Pence team in July. Paul Manafort – Fired in August

And while that looks a like a purge of virtually everybody Trump had hired who had any political experience, it's not clear how much that matters. Most of the political experience the fired staffers had come on the campaigns of candidates who lost.