Pelosi pays off Super Bowl bet with pistachios and San Francisco chocolates

Pelosi bet that her San Francisco 49ers would beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

"They played a great game and they beat a mighty championship team," Pelosi said of the Kansas City Chiefs, while handing over Ghiradelli chocolates, almonds and pistachios in what has become an annual congressional tradition.

Pelosi bet the 49ers would beat Cleaver's team in Super Bowl LIV. If the 49ers had prevailed, Cleaver would have had to give Pelosi Kansas City barbecue and chocolates.

"I was frankly sad that we lost," Pelosi said. "I was also sad that I wouldn't be enjoying some Kansas City barbecue."

The Chiefs beat the 49ers 31-20 in Miami’s Hard Rock stadium.

Cleaver, a fellow Democrat, said that he thinks sports are good for America, citing how both Democrats and Republicans in Kansas City came together to support the Chiefs.

"We all, no matter our differences get behind our teams," Pelosi said "But at the end of the day, we're all Team America."