Pence Stops for Haircut From Barber Who Doesn't Recognize Him

"Woo, this is history, I'm telling you," said the barber.

— -- During a visit to Norristown, Pennsylvania, today in the midst of his campaign schedule, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence stopped for a haircut at Jones Barber and Hairstyles.

In front of a crowd of reporters, Pence received a trim from owner Henry Jones, who's been cutting hair for over 40 years. The two discussed their families and football for about 25 minutes as cameras filmed the exchange.

Despite the mass of onlookers, it turned out Jones didn't recognize the man sitting in his chair.

"And your name was?" asked Jones of Pence upon wrapping up the cut.

"Woo, this is history, I'm telling you," said Jones. Pence responded by saying he and Trump were indeed hoping to make history.

The haircut cost Pence $14. Pence gave Jones $20 and he kept the change.

Asked if he was a Trump supporter, Jones demurred.

"That's a good question," he said.