Political Gifting Wars: Have Yourself a Merry Partisan Christmas

The best or worst gifts for the most hardcore politicos in your life.

ByABC News
December 3, 2013, 2:06 PM
The 2012Meterproobama Designs classic thong panties feature a cartoon image of President Barack Obama.
The 2012Meterproobama Designs classic thong panties feature a cartoon image of President Barack Obama.
2012Meterproobama Designs

Dec. 3, 2013— -- intro: With only 22 days left until Christmas, the mad rush has begun for shoppers trying to find the perfect gift for loved ones before the big holiday.

Not only have retailers across the nation stocked their shelves with new items to attract the attention of shoppers, but political parties have entered the gift giving wars this holiday season.

The National Republican Campaign Committee tried to break into the Black Friday madness by promoting its new holiday themed products offered at its holiday store via Twitter.

The NRCC tweeted a picture of its new Republican red t-shirt, which reads, "Happy holidays is what liberals say" on the front and "Merry Christmas!" on the back.

The NRCC wasn't the only account tweeting about this holiday shirt. The political committee came under fire from many users for the message on the t-shirt. Many Jewish people use the phrase as well to give good tidings of cheer during the holiday season.

The t-shirt is no longer for sale on the NRCC website, but Daniel Scarpinato, the national press secretary for the NRCC, told ABC News that "the t-shirt remains sold out, but we are working on that and several new products for the rest of the month."

From an NRCC mug ripping liberals for saying "Happy Holidays" to a thong with President Obama dressed as Santa Claus, here are some more outlandish gift ideas for that special politico in your life:

quicklist: title: 1. "Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say" Coffee Mug from the NRCCtext: If you missed out on buying the NRCC t-shirt, don't panic. The political committee is offering another gift with the same message for the proud GOP member in your family.

A white coffee mug with the message "Happy Holidays is what liberals say" is currently in stock at the online shop and on sale for $25. The back of the mug reads "Merry Christmas!" the exact same message that was on the t-shirt.

But you better hurry, Scarpinato told ABC News "the mugs are flying of the shelves."

The NRCC is also very clear about what's on its Christmas list this year. Another product offered by the political committee is a t-shirt with the message"All I want for Christmas is to be rid of Obamacare." Santa may not be able to deliver that wish under the Christmas tree, but this t-shirt may be a great gift for someone you know who feels the same way.

In addition to these products, a clearly less partisan shirt is also available at the NRCC shop that reads, "I'm not afraid to say Merry Christmas."media: 21087415

quicklist: title: 2. I Kissed a Republican (or Democrat) Gumtext: If you get caught under the mistletoe with a member of the opposite party this holiday season, not to worry, the Onion store has an inexpensive gift that can solve this problem.

A pack of "I Kissed a Republican Gum" is on sale for just $2. The pack includes eight pieces of peppermint gum that promise to freshen up your mouth after kissing a Republican who has been "schmoozing with big business, encouraging the destruction of the environment, or even yelling at some old person for being a drain on taxpayer funds."

"I Kissed a Democrat Gum" is also available for $2 in case you run into the opposite problem this holiday season. The gum will freshen up your mouth after kissing someone who may have been "encouraging the implementation of stricter gun laws, explaining the need for higher taxes on wealthy Americans, or even kissing a tree."

Stupid.com also sold this politically charged gum, for both political parties, but the stocking stuffer and gag gift is sold out on the website. media: 21085009

quicklist: title: 3. From Thongs to Flasks: Obama Holiday Giftstext: Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a gift featuring the President of the United States, and this holiday season, Café Press has a wide variety of gifts featuring the Commander in Chief dressed in his best holiday attire.

The website offers a "classic thong" with a cartoon version of Obama dressed in a Santa Claus hat and coat for just $13.99. The product details promise that "panty-minimalists love our casual thong that covers sweet spots without covering your assets; putting an end to panty-lines."

If Obama Claus underwear isn't for you, the website also sells an Obama Santa Claus stainless steel flask. The 6-ounce flask features a design on the front of President Obama in a Santa Claus suit carrying a bag full of change to deliver to the world this holiday season. The product description declares this gift a "timeless treasure for the alcohol aficionado."media: 21084887

quicklist:title: 4. For the Progressive in Your Life, Elizabeth Warren Geartext: The Progressive Change Campaign Committee got in on the Cyber Monday fun with a list of gifts perfect for the bold progressive in your life.

Every item offered by the PCCC is union-made in the USA, and many feature messages promoting liberal Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren.

From bumper stickers to baby onesies, gifts available on the site read, "I'm from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party." So no matter the age of the liberal gift receiver, the PCCC has you covered this holiday season.

quicklist:title: 5. Boehner in Tears Can Koozietext: Brought to you by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the My Democratic Store has everything you need for the proud donkey in your life. From "trust women protect choice" tote bags to "Old School Progrssive" FDR t-shirts, the DCCC offers shoppers the perfect gift for any proud Democrat.

This union-made product featuring a picture of Speaker Boehner in tears, promises to help make the Republican leader weep. The Democrat Blue can koozie, made by union workers of course, promises to make Boehner cry through your donation to help elect more Democrats to the House, and remove the Speaker's gavel from the Ohio Republican's hand. media: 21085062

quicklist: title: 6. Retro Campaign Shirtstext: Have an old school politico to buy for?

Check out Retro Campaigns, a small company located in Los Angeles that prints tees that "recall memorable characters and moments from America's political history."

From Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party presidential run to the '88 Dukakis-Bentsen ticket, RetroCampaigns.com has a wide selection of political tees that will dig up memories from campaigns of America's past.