8 Poll Numbers That Show Donald Trump Is For Real

Recent poll numbers suggest the real estate mogul isn’t just a passing phase.

— -- Some have tried to label him a flip-flopper. Others have dismissed him as a joke. And some are holding out for an implosion.

Here are some recent poll numbers that suggest that the real estate mogul isn’t just a passing phase:

1. Trump’s favorability ratings have turned 180 degrees. Right before Donald Trump announced his candidacy in mid-June, a Monmouth University poll showed only two in 10 Republicans had a positive view of the real estate mogul. By mid-July, it was 40 percent. In early August, it was 52 percent. Now, six in 10 Republicans have a favorable view of Donald Trump. Roughly three in 10 say they have a negative view. And these numbers hold up in early states. A Quinnipiac poll in Iowa last week found that 60 percent of Republicans there had a favorable view of Trump.

3. A majority of Republicans don’t see Trump’s temperament as a problem. While Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his bombast and insults, 52 percent of leaned Republican voters nationwide think that the real estate mogul has the right temperament to be president, according to Monday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll. The same number holds in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa, where the same 52 percent of Republicans think he has the personality to be commander in chief, according to Quinnipiac last week. Still, 44 percent think he doesn’t have the personality to serve effectively, and almost six in 10 independents say his temperament does not belong in the White House, according to ABC/Post.

6. A bare majority of Donald Trump’s supporters say they’ve made up their minds. A new CBS/NYT poll out on Tuesday shows that just more than half of voters who support Trump say they have locked in their votes. Obviously, a lot can happen to change that, and no one can really say they would never change their mind. 46 percent said they are leaving the door open to switching candidates. Still, Trump’s strongest competition at the moment is from fellow outsider neurosurgeon Ben Carson, but voters who say they have made up their minds are twice as likely to go for Trump.

7. Six in 10 Republicans say they agree with Trump on immigration. Even since Donald Trump called immigrants from Mexico “rapists” in his campaign announcement speech two months ago, immigration has been front and center in the 2016 conversation. Some are worried that Trump’s bombast will drive crucial Hispanic voters away from the Republican Party and damage rebranding efforts. But according to Monday’s new ABC/Post poll, six in 10 Republicans say they agree with Trump on immigration issues. So as long as immigration remains in the spotlight, it seems Donald Trump will remain too.

8. Frustration with government is climbing to new highs. Donald Trump and Ben Carson now account for roughly half of the support from Republican voters, largely due to their outsider status. Six in 10 Republicans in Monday’s new ABC/Post poll say they want a political outsider over someone with government experience. And they are angry at Washington, too. A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll in Iowa from two weeks ago shows that three in four Iowa Republicans are frustrated with Republicans in Congress, with 54 percent “unsatisfied” and 21 percent “mad as hell.”