Jimmy Carter to Remain in Hospital 2nd Night

VIDEO: Jimmy Carter cancels book signings after falling ill on a flight to Cleveland.PlayABCNEWS.com
WATCH Jimmy Carter to Remain in Hospital

Former President Jimmy Carter, who fell ill on a flight to Cleveland Tuesday, has canceled several scheduled book signings despite feeling normal today, according to reports.

Carter canceled two events in Washington today after doctors decided to have the former president remain under observation for another night.

"Former President Jimmy Carter will remain at MetroHealth Medical Center overnight," MetroHealth in Cleveland said in a statement. "His medical team continues to observe his progress."

"President Carter is in very good spirits, appreciates all the good wishes being sent his way, and looks forward to getting back to his busy schedule," the statement continued.

Earlier reports from the hospital described the former president as "feeling normal."

Carter was hospitalized Tuesday after feeling sick on a flight from Atlanta to Cleveland, where he was scheduled to make an appearance at a local bookstore.

An ambulance met the Delta aircraft Carter had been traveling on when it landed just after 11:30 a.m. yesterday at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, according to the airport's public information officer Jacqueline Mayo.

"Former President Jimmy Carter was taken by ambulance to MetroHealth Hospital when he landed," said Mayo.

Mayo was not sure whether Carter, 85, was taken off the plane on a stretcher.

MetroHealth Center has deferred all Carter inquiries to The Carter Center.

A volunteer at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., told ABC News Tuesday that the former president was not suffering from life-threatening injuries and had just fallen "air sick" on the flight to Cleveland, where he was scheduled to appear at a signing for his new book, "White House Diary."

"He threw up, he was air sick when he got off the plane," said Carter Center volunteer Bernice Moore.