President Obama to Appear on Jerry Seinfeld's Web Series

Obama and Seinfeld take a spin around the White House.

The series, launched by Seinfeld three years ago, features the TV legend picking up his guest in a vintage or exotic car that has been outfitted with small digital cameras. Seinfeld and the guest drive to get coffee or a meal (or both), documenting the off-the-cuff conversations along the way.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 7 Promo from Broadway Video on Vimeo.

In the Obama episode, which was filmed Dec. 7, Seinfeld brings a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe to the White House complex. Obama and Seinfeld take turns circling the South Lawn before taking a quick tour of the White House's Map, Diplomatic and China rooms. After the tour, the two sit down for coffee in a basement staff dining room “to discuss many of the little things that make life in the White House simultaneously remarkable and routine,” according to a White House release. The duo also appear to have spent time in another car -- the presidential limousine nicknamed "The Beast."

According to a White House official, the president and his staff "thought it'd be a good opportunity for people to hear about the lighter side of life inside the White House."

Obama is the only politician to appear on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." His episode premieres on Dec. 30 at 11:30 p.m. ET on the series website.