President Obama Caves, Takes Selfie With Ellen DeGeneres

The president is not a fan of selfies.

February 12, 2016, 11:39 AM

— -- Just one day after condemning the selfie, the president betrayed his philosophical opposition to the social media phenomenon and snapped one with the unofficial queen of selfies, Ellen DeGeneres.

During a taping of “Ellen” in Burbank, California, Thursday evening, the president snapped a selfie with the talk show host. Ellen later posted the photo to her Instagram account.

But just a day earlier, in Springfield, Illinois, the president lectured his friendly audience against taking selfies.

"I wanna shake some hands, although no selfies,” the president warned as he prepared to conclude his remarks to supporters. “I wanna tell you ahead of time.”

Explaining his disdain for selfies, the president joked that he may not have run for president if cellphone cameras were as prevalent during his first campaign as they are today.

"If we had had smartphones when I ran for president I'm not sure I would have run because everybody -- folks just have their phones,” he grumbled, gesturing like he was sticking a phone in his face.

He then launched into a rant complaining about the end of handshakes.

“They won't shake my hand anymore,” he said incredulously. “It's like, ‘Hey! I'm here! Live in front of you!’” he continued, laughing. “So we're not taking selfies but I wanna shake as many hands as possible."