President Obama Designates First National Park in Chicago, Others in Colorado, Hawaii

Including the first in Chicago, and others in Colorado and Hawaii.

That's what he did.

The president announced three new national parks today, including one in a Chicago neighborhood he said he used to drive past every day on the way to his first job.

It was 6 degrees with winds up to 20 miles per hour in Chicago today, according to the National Weather Service.

Pullman Historic Neighborhood

The Pullman neighborhood was originally built in 1879 outside the city limits of Chicago to house workers employed by the Pullman Palace Car Company, many of whom were former slaves. It was a fully functioning city hailed as the first industrial town. It was one of the featured attractions at the 1893 World's Fair Exhibition, according to the Historic Pullman Foundation website.

Pullman workers went on strike in 1894 when George Pullman lowered wages but not rent in the town, which prompted Congress to establish the Labor Day holiday only six days after the strike ended. In the 1920s, workers created the first black labor union.

“This place has been a milestone to our dream of building a more perfect union,” Obama said, calling the strikes the beginning of modern workers’ rights, such as a 40-hour work week, overtime pay and the right to organize.

The president and first lady have a personal connection to Pullman as well. Michelle Obama’s great-grandfather was one of the porters.

“Without this place, Michelle wouldn't be where she is,” Obama said in his remarks.

Browns Canyon

AP image of Browns Canyon

Members of Colorado's congressional delegation and the editorial board of the Denver Post endorsed federal protection of the land after mining claims threatened to disrupt the area, according to a 2013 Denver Post editorial.

Honouliuli Internment Camp site

The 160-acres on the island of Oahu were donated to the National Park Service by Monsanto, which has owned the land since 2007.

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