President Obama, First Lady Talk Gratitude, Military Families and Pumpkin Pie

The Obamas reflect on what Thanksgiving means to them.

— -- At a time when our country is still at war and facing tumultuous events at home, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama talked with ABC’s Robin Roberts about what Thanksgiving means to them and sharing gratitude, especially for our servicemen and women.

“I think this Thanksgiving time is a time for all of us to reflect on those military gold star families who are having dinner without a loved one there. It’s easy to get lost in the food and the fellowship, but Thanksgiving is a time for reflection,” Michelle Obama said.

“A lot of times during these holidays, I'll actually make calls to folks who are deployed. We'll just call 'em up and say, ‘thank you,’” said the president. “It’s a great idea for every American, every day, but especially during the holiday season. You know, you see a service member -- you just go up and say, ‘Thanks, we appreciate it.’ Because the sacrifices they make are extraordinary.”

The president and First Lady shared a few fond memories of their families coming together to celebrate the holiday in years past and some of their favorite Thanksgiving foods – but Mrs. Obama said she is not about to share her Thanksgiving pie with her husband.

“She never lets me share dessert,” Obama joked during a pie-tasting in the White House kitchen.

“Cause he eats it like that,” Mrs. Obama laughed. “Look, the crust is gone, everything that makes a pie delicious is gone in his one bite!”

“Do I have to, like, take a small bite because I'm on TV?” the president asked.

Last year’s White House Thanksgiving menu included a grand total of nine pies: apple, banana cream, chocolate cream, coconut cream, sweet potato, peach, pecan, pumpkin and huckleberry. On Thanksgiving, the president prefers pumpkin.

“The proper way to eat your pie,” Obama told Roberts, "is you should have just a little whipped cream on top.”

“We go all out on pies. We don’t play with pie,” he said.

“I mean, this is why you work out every day,” Mrs. Obama chimed in.

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