President Obama's Trip to Vietnam and Japan: Five Things to Watch

The president will spend five days in Vietnam and Japan

— -- President Obama embarks on his tenth trip to Asia Saturday afternoon, a tour that will take him for the first time to two countries once considered bitter foes of the U.S.

"The Asia rebalance has been a central objective of the president's broader foreign policy and economic policy, rooted in our belief that this largest-emerging market in the world is critical to our future prosperity and also central to a whole host of critical U.S. national security interests as well," Rhodes said.

Here's a look at five things to watch during the president's week-long trip to Vietnam and Japan.

First U.S. President to Hiroshima

One outstanding item regarding the president’s Hiroshima stop: will he meet with any survivors of the nuclear bombing that killed thousands? The White House has not ruled this out, indicating the president’s schedule has not been finalized.


In his conversations with Vietnamese officials, President Obama is expected to discuss whether the U.S. will lift the remaining arms embargo in Vietnam.

Rhodes emphasized officials have “not finalized a decision” in regards to ending the embargo. Many are urging the Obama administration not to end the embargo without exerting pressure on Vietnamese officials to end its poor human rights record and political oppression in their Communist country.

China's Territorial Assertions in the South China Sea

Promoting the TPP