Presidential Debate: Trump Held Back on Bill Clinton's 'Transgressions' Because Chelsea Was 'In the Room'

Donald Trump called Chelsea Clinton a "wonderful young lady."

Speaking to ABC News' Tom Llamas in the debate spin room, Trump said he thought he did "great" during the debate and that he got "everything" he "wanted to say" out, other than mentioning the "transgressions of Bill."

"I didn't wanna say what I was going to say with Chelsea in the room," Trump told ABC News. "So, maybe they're well off to bring Chelsea all the time."

Trump blasted Clinton for taking "cheap" shots about money that his father gave him to start his businesses and said the loan was a "very small amount of money."

The real estate mogul went on to say that Clinton is running "disgraceful" commercials about him because she's "desperate" that he's now leading in the polls.

"We're doing very well, and I'm very proud," Trump said. "We're gonna make America great again. She cannot make America great again. There's no way she can do it."