Pro-Trump group ramps up anti-Comey ad campaign

Comey is "putting politics over protecting America," claims one ad.

The group launched a digital video advertisement Tuesday night criticizing Comey for "putting politics over protecting America." The ad is scheduled to air during the hearing itself on cable news. Additional ads are slated to be launched over the next 48 hours.

Beach claims that criticism of Comey is not limited to Republicans, but can be seen on both sides of the aisle. While Comey was widely respected prior to the election, his actions during the campaigns drew “a lot of disappointment on both sides.”

While Beach claims that his organization does not "attack" Comey or "call him a liar" per se, it does believe he “has been a distraction” in Trump’s administration and has limited the government’s ability to focus on its agenda.

Great America Alliance’s campaign aims to shift the American focus away from political scandal and toward the numerous “positives that have come out of this administration in the first 150 days.”

Echoing the sentiment of Beach is Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky), a long time supporter of President Trump. Comer expressed that while he eagerly anticipates hearing the “Comey side of the story,” he has “concerns” about the fired FBI Director.

Comer, like Beach, reminded Klein of negative feeling towards Comey prior to his termination. He says that “Democrats were calling for the President to terminate Comey,” as they felt that he had given “Trump an unfair advantage by the way he mishandled the election.”

The Congressman believes that Comey has a “huge credibility issue with the public,” repeating the message delivered through Great America Alliance’s Comey attack ad.

Both Comer and Beach agree that they look forward to the testimony, as they hope it paves the way for increased attention to policy issues like tax reform and revisions to healthcare. They believe that Comey’s hearing and media attention has served as an obstacle to the agenda proposed by Trump during his campaign.