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A Look at Proud Donald Trump-Supporting Sister Act 'Diamond and Silk'

YouTube personalities Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson stump for Trump.

ByABC News
April 5, 2016, 4:38 PM

— -- Donald Trump has called women names, criticized a female opponent’s face and advocated punishing a woman who would get an illegal abortion.

He backtracked on the abortion comment, but it has not mitigated the tsunami of outrage against him. A new poll shows that 73 percent of female registered voters have an unfavorable view of the GOP front-runner. And six recent polls, all taken in February, show Trump support among African-Americans ranging from 4 percent to 12 percent, according to the Public Policy Center.

So why then are two female, African-American YouTube personalities, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson -- sisters from the Fayetteville, North Carolina, area who are better known by their video blogger names “Diamond and Silk” -- going so far out of their way to stick up for Trump?

“You know what we like about Donald Trump?” Hardaway told “Nightline.” “He’s going to do exactly what he says he’s going to do. I’m ready to feel like a woman again so let the man protect us.”

The sisters have hit several states to stump for Trump and have become regulars on cable news shows. Videos on their YouTube page, “The Viewers View,” totaled 6 million views and they have over 33,000 subscribers.

“We want someone who is going to work for the American people and not against the people,” Hardaway said.

“Diamond and Silk” have mastered the art of politics, dodging personal questions left and right, but they are happy to talk about Trump and their idea to support him last summer when he announced his candidacy for president.

“I said, ‘Silk, girl, cut on the TV. Donald Trump is announcing that he’s running for president,’” Hardaway said.

“And I stopped what I was doing and I cut on my TV,” Richardson added.

“And then she called me back and she said, ‘Girl, this is going to be our next president,’” Hardaway added. “And it’s been on ever since.”

The life-long Democrats said they switched their party affiliation to Republican in September so they could vote for Trump in the primary. They filmed the moment for their YouTube page and created an online campaign telling other voters how they could do the same.

“We wanted independents and Democrats to switch their parties to vote for Donald Trump in the primaries and the general election,” Hardaway said.

They began making videos regularly that eventually caught the attention of the Trump campaign and they were invited to attend his events in Wisconsin, Iowa and South Carolina, and were event given a chance to meet the man himself.

The sisters stonewalled about what Trump said to them when they met. “That’s none of your business,” Hardaway said.

The duo have posted over 125 videos in the past eight months. Some conservatives love them, but many black social media sites do not, with some calling them disgusting, ignorant and playing into unflattering stereotypes.

“Why is it that black people can get on TV and act a fool and it’s funny, but as soon as we get on a small YouTube channel, everybody got something to say,” Hardaway said. “As soon as this billionaire invited us onstage, now all the black people have something to say.”

But the sisters were less forthcoming about what they used to do before professionally stumping for Trump.

“Do we have to get all personal? Do we have to get into my business?” Hardaway said. “I thought this was about Donald Trump.”

After a little prodding, however, they said they were business owners. “We were entrepreneurs,” Hardaway said.

But when pressed for more details, she again said, “It’s really none of your business.”

“With all due respect,” Richardson added.