Donald Trump's Day of Taunts in South Carolina

PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump calls on a member of the media during a news conference, Feb. 15, 2016, in Hanahan, South Carolina. PlayMatt Rourke/AP Photo
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As Donald Trump campaigned in the Palmetto State today, he unleashed a hail of attacks against his GOP rivals and their backers.

In his first campaign stop of the day, Trump called South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham a “nut job” and a “disgrace."

“I could push him over with a little thimble,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Bluffton, later adding that “I don’t think he could run for dogcatcher in this state and win again. I really don’t.”

In an interview with Fox News, Graham, who's endorsing Jeb Bush, called Trump "crazy" and said he would be the most flawed GOP nominee in the party's history.

At a rally in Walterboro, the GOP front-runner went after Bush and his poll numbers in Nevada.

"This guy why doesn’t he just give up? Just go home. Go home to mom! Gotta go home to mommy," Trump said.

On social media, Trump went after Bush's new look without his glasses.

At the stop during which he criticized Sen. Graham, Trump continued his attack of calling his main rival, Ted Cruz, a "liar."

“And again I've been in business, I dealt with some pretty rough hombres much tougher than Cruz but I never dealt with anybody that lies so much," Trump said. Earlier, Trump threatened to sue Cruz if he didn't retract statements about the real estate mogul's positions on abortion, guns and picking judges to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

Cruz said his camp received a cease-and-desist letter regarding the ad "Supreme Trust" and invited Trump to pursue the "frivolous" lawsuit.

Trump also ridiculed President Obama’s golf game, even boasting he would win in a game of 18-hole golf against the president.

“So, he talks about the carbon footprint, environmental and all that stuff and then he flies on a massive Boeing 747 to Hawaii with the old engines, because it’s a very old plane,” Trump said. “Plays golf for like two or three weeks, he plays more golf than the people on the PGA tour right? And then he flies back and then he has a news conference on the environment.”