Rep. Charlie Dent Calls on Republican Party Chairman to 'Stand Up' to Trump

GOP chair should encourage Trump to drop out of race, Dent said.

"As a party leader, I think at times you have to stand up and do some pretty difficult things," Rep. Charlie Dent said on ABC News' "This Week." "This may be one of them."

Dent similarly took GOP Chairman Priebus to task in a New York Times story on Saturday where he said the party chairman should himself resign if he doesn't work with Trump "to step down" from the presidential ticket.

“The chairman of the R.N.C. must look out for the good of the party as a whole, so he should be working to get [Trump] to step down,” Dent told the Times. “If he can’t, then he should step down.”

Dent, a leading moderate Republican who chairs the House Ethics Committee, has always been critical of Trump as the Republican nominee, and said in early August that he would not vote for Trump or Clinton.