Rep. Joaquin Castro Says Clinton Has Learned From Email 'Mistake,' Urges Politicians to 'Move On'

Castro said this "very painful week" in the U.S. should be a turning point.

“There’s no perfect politician,” Castro said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Hillary Clinton’s been in public service for many years and done amazing work, but she’s also admitted when she’s made a mistake.”

Castro added that, given the violence in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas, it’s time to move past the issue around Clinton's email.

“This very painful week in American history should be a turning point [for] the Congress and for our government, where we start to move on and focus on the issues that matter to Americans,” he said.

The congressman argued that Clinton’s time as senator and secretary of state makes her better equipped to handle the issues of race, gun violence, and policing that have roiled the country this week.