Trump 'partially to blame' for polarization, GOP Rep. Mark Sanford says

Sanford says polarization has increasingly become a problem in Congress.

— -- In the wake of the tragedy that unfolded yesterday at a GOP members baseball practice, one Republican congressman is arguing that the president is "partially to blame" for the severe divide in politics currently plaguing the nation.

While Sanford initially noted that the events were “surreal,” he believes that the event is a time to reflect and reconsider the state of our nation.

He noted that the polarization now seen in Congress is the most extreme it has been in the “roughly 20 years” he’s been in politics.

These “demons” were recently observed by Sanford while attending a constituent senior center, where residents freely exchanged expletives when arguing over political issues.

Though Sanford was careful not to blame Trump entirely, he said of Congress members: “we ought to call” Trump’s behavior “bizarre.”

He closed by saying that yesterday, while a tragedy, is also a learning opportunity. He also took the event as a chance for personal reflection, saying he now is asking himself, “What might I do a little differently in the way I reach out to other members.”

Rep. Scalise is still in critical condition after having undergone three surgeries since the event.