Republicans try to turn attention away Trump-Corker feud, toward tax overhaul

The efforts came on the day of the president's visit to the Capitol.

"The issue itself brings about great unity among our members," he continued. "And so we're concentrating on the agenda we have for the American people. The president shares that agenda, is going to do a good job, I think, promoting that agenda, and we intend to achieve what we set out to achieve before the end of the year."

"There's a lot of noise out there," said McConnell on the attention paid to the exchanges this morning. "We have a First Amendment in this country. Everybody gets to express themselves."

"At the end of the day, I know Bob well," Ryan said. "Bob's going to vote for Tennessee. He's going to vote for America. He's going to vote for tax reform because he knows it's in the best interest of Americans."

Ryan called the GOP's opportunity to overhaul the tax code "historic" and urged Congress to move forward with its agenda.

"All this stuff you see on a daily basis on Twitter this and Twitter that? Forget about it." he said. "Let's focus on helping people, improving people's lives and doing the things that we said we would do that accomplishes that. That's what we're focused on."