Sanders Says He Would Ask Obama to Withdraw SCOTUS Nomination if Elected President

The presidential candidate said there are more progressive options.

Sanders went on to say he has a test for Supreme Court justice nominations -- a test in line with one of his main campaign messages.

The senator's opposition to the Citizens United decision has been a hallmark of his campaign. “That is my litmus test and that’s what I would insist on,” he argued.

Sanders did address plans by Senate Republicans to obstruct hearings on the nomination, saying the GOP will face political consequences for their actions.

“I think the vast majority of the American people, certainly Democrats, most independents and a number of Republicans do not believe that it is appropriate for the Republicans to act in an obstructionist way,” Sanders noted. “Senate function is to hold hearings and to vote. I think the Republicans will pay a very heavy, political price if they continue to obstruct on this issue.”