Scott Walker Throws Support Behind Donald Trump in Convention Speech

"A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump ... is a vote for Hillary Clinton."

“Make no mistake, we can't wait four years to get them next time,” he continued. “The consequences are too great.”

The theme of Walker’s speech -- “America deserves better” -- was chanted by convention delegates along with Walker throughout the speech.

At one point, he suggested that the presumptive Democratic nominee belongs in prison.

“The simple truth is liberal Washington insiders created our problems and Hillary Clinton is the ultimate liberal Washington insider,” Walker said. “If she were anymore on the inside, she would be in prison."

After Trump accused the California judge overseeing a class action lawsuit against Trump University of bias because of his Hispanic heritage, Walker qualified that Trump was “not yet the nominee.”

“Officially that won't happen until the middle of July and so for me that's kind of the time frame that, in particular, I want to make sure he renounces what he says -- at least in regards to this judge," Walker told ABC affiliate WKOW in early June.