Scott Walker's Sons and Wife Dish About His Most Embarrassing Habits

PHOTO: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sits down for an interview with ABCs David Muir on July 12, 2015.PlayABC News
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He wants to be the most powerful person in the world, but can you really be commander-in-chief and wear jean shorts?

Scott Walker thinks he can, though his sons wish he wouldn’t.

When ABC News’ David Muir asked Walker's 19-year-old son, Alex, to tell America one thing people don’t know about his 47-year-old dad, he pointed to his dad’s sense of style -- an endless source of embarrassment to himself and his older brother.

“He still wears jean shorts and embarrasses Matt and I quite a bit -- a lot,” Alex Walker said, turning to his brother for agreement during an exclusive family interview at the governor’s residence in Madison, Wisconsin, ahead of Walker’s formal entry into the 2016 presidential contest today.

Matt Walker, 21, agreed with his brother, saying that it’s just about the only thing besides same-sex marriage (Scott Walker opposes same-sex marriage, while his sons support it) on which they disagree: “Other than his fashion sense, no. For the most part we do agree with our dad.”

For Scott Walker's wife, Tonette, there’s perhaps no quicker way that her husband could embarrass her on the campaign trail than to sing.

Walker has been singing karaoke since his first post-college job working at the Red Cross, meeting his wife at a karaoke night at a local barbecue restaurant, and even serenading her at the wedding reception with his rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Though karaoke seemed to do wonders for the couple’s courtship, Tonette Walker has forbidden her husband from trying a similar tact on the campaign trail.

“She vetoed that one,” Walker said jokingly, with his wife seated behind him.

“No singing,” she chimed in to confirm.

Walker is the first to admit that his singing abilities are limited, at best, but he’s also not shy about belting a few notes of a song that matches his vocal range when given a mic and a stage.

“Usually, I like to sing,” Walker said. "In fact, out here on the Fourth of July, I'll sing the BoDeans, some of the BoDeans songs, which are kind of good, just 'cause it's close to the pitch I can be at -- but other than that I'm pretty lousy."