Senator Leads Hillary Clinton Supporters in Rendition of 'She Works Hard for the Money'

Sen. Tom Carper gave creative remarks at Hillary Clinton's campaign rally today.

ByABC News
April 25, 2016, 1:47 PM

WILMINGTON, Del. -- If there were an award for the most awkward (yet kind-of amazing) intro speech at a Hillary Clinton rally, it could go to Sen. Tom Carper for his performance today at the Democratic front-runner’s event in Wilmington, Delaware.

Speaking before Clinton, Carper led the audience in a rendition of Donna Summer’s 1983 hit, “She Works Hard for the Money,” while asking them to “treat her right” in the state’s primary Tuesday.

“We’re going to channel Donna Summer here for a minute, OK? Here we go. Here we go,” the senior senator from Delaware said, beginning the chant. "She works hard for the money. We’re going to say it together. She works hard for the money, so we better … all right, let’s do it. Tomorrow, we’re going to treat her right tomorrow.”

The crowd joined in tepidly, but still, he continued: "Yes, are we going to treat her right on Election Day in November?” he asked. "And you know what, if she’s elected and I think she will be, she will treat this country right.”

The remarks, however, didn’t end there.

Carper, 69, later tried to get the crowd to chant “JoBama,” when talking about President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

"During the 2008 campaign for president, and Barack and Joe were going around the country; I don’t know where it came from, but I heard somebody say somewhere, the words Joe and Obama. And I just kind of like, put them together,” he said. "Joe-Bama! I love saying it. Can you say, Joe-bama? One more time. Oh, yes, isn’t that great?"

Toward the end, he wrapped up by mentioning Clinton competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders, whom Carper said he sits next to in the senate. “Every now and then over the years, I felt the Bern,” he said.

When Clinton came on stage later, she thanked the senator, but made no mention of his colorful remarks.

"I had the great pleasure of serving with Tom in the Senate,” she said, “and it’s been a wonderful friendship."