Speaker Ryan Says He Hasn't Made a Decision on Endorsing Trump

"I have no timeline in mind," Ryan told reporters.

ByABC News
May 25, 2016, 1:13 PM

— -- While House Speaker Paul Ryan made clear he will not be rushed into endorsing Donald Trump, the lines of communication are still open -- with a conversation scheduled between the two for Wednesday night.

"I have no timeline in mind," Ryan told reporters in his office on Capitol Hill about any future announcement.

“We are having productive conversations,” he added. “Our staffs talk virtually every day. We are having good conversations.”

The two have a phone call scheduled for Wednesday night, a Ryan spokesman confirmed.

"The purpose of the call tonight is for the two of them to continue their conversation about unifying the party," the spokesman, Zack Roday, said in a statement.

Ryan and Trump met privately at the Republican National Committee office off Capitol Hill two weeks ago, after Ryan had said he wasn't prepared to support the presumptive GOP nominee. The pair could meet again soon when Trump returns to Capitol Hill for a meeting with House Republicans.

Ryan wouldn't speculate on why the Trump campaign continues to claim he is ready to endorse.

Asked if he thinks the Trump campaign is trying to ramp up pressure on him, Ryan said, "None of that stuff really gets to me."

"I don't worry about that stuff," he added. "I've been around a long time."

Ahead of the convention, Ryan announced House Republicans will roll out six “specific policy plans,” starting next month with their agenda to fight poverty. The proposals are intended to be translated into a legislative agenda under a new president in 2017.

Republicans are “going to put those ideas on paper and show the American people that they have a clear choice and that we can do better,” Ryan said.

Asked if Trump was involved in crafting this agenda, Ryan said, “He is familiar with what we’re doing.” But he stressed that the plans are “not in reaction to any candidacy,” noting they had planned to release these proposals for several months.

Asked separately about Trump’s comments bashing New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Ryan would not comment directly, but said Martinez is a “great governor.”

“She’s a friend of mine and I think she’s a good governor,” he said.

ABC's Ben Siegel contributed to this report.