Spicer: Trump 'clearly stands by' description of Obama as evil

In March, Trump accused Obama of ordering a wiretap of Trump Tower.

ByABC News
May 1, 2017, 5:42 PM

— -- After President Donald Trump was pressed Monday morning as to whether he stood by derisive descriptions of President Barack Obama, White House press secretary Sean Spicer affirmatively answered the question for him during the day's press briefing.

In an exchange with CBS's John Dickerson, Trump was asked about his classification of Obama as "sick and bad" in a series of March tweets in which he accused his predecessor of ordering a wiretap of Trump Tower. The president told Dickerson, "You can figure it out yourself," "I don't stand by anything," and "you can take it any way you want" at various points in the interview.

Asked for clarification by ABC News' Cecilia Vega on the claim that Trump doesn't "stand by anything" and "if he still believes President Obama is an evil guy," Spicer answered unequivocally.

"He clearly stands by that," said Spicer. "That's something he made clear if you look at the entire back and forth."

Trump abruptly ended his interview with CBS earlier in the day after expressing that he has "own opinions" as he and Dickerson discussed the wiretapping accusations.

Trump never provided evidence for the allegations and the idea that Obama ordered the action has been debunked by intelligence officials and members of both major political parties.

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