5 Stories You'll Care About in Politics This Week

This was the week the GOP field grew to 17, and the campaign went to Scotland.

— -- It was the week Scotland had something in common with Iowa and New Hampshire, red trucker hats became the new sweater vest, and the GOP 2016 field now stands at a lucky number 17. Oh and there was a Friday Clinton document dump for the ages.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the stories the ABC News political team will be tracking in the week ahead:

THE MORNING AFTER —- The day after the debate the fun continues at the "RedState Gathering" in Atlanta. It’s talk radio show host Erick Erickson’s two-day conservative confab and 10 of the GOP contenders are expected to take the stage. Much of the talk could be about who won or lost on Thursday and you could see the winner take a victory lap, while losers may try to make up for whatever they left in Cleveland. And for some extra fun Donald Trump isn’t just addressing the 700 attendees, he will mingle with the crowd at the “Red State Tailgate” at the College Football Hall of Fame Saturday night.