Bush Greets Basketball Champs, Superstar Wade Confirms Shoulder Surgery

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade said Tuesday that he is seeking another opinion on his injured shoulder in the next day or two and after which he will decide if he will have surgery.

Wade dislocated his left shoulder in Miami's game last Wednesday in Houston.

Wade Confirms Shoulder Surgery, Timing An Issue

These were Wade's first comments on the injury and came after he and his teammates met with President Bush at the White House in honor of their 2006 NBA Championship.

Wade said the surgery is a "decision that is still being pondered" but acknowledged, "It's eventually surgery."

"It's also an opportunity in that I can opt for the rehab and the therapy and get it stronger and be able to make a return by the end of the season," said the NBA All-Star and 2006 Finals MVP.

"I'm feeling as good as I can feel. My spirits are high and that's the main thing. I'm not feeling good because I'm not on the court and I'm not playing with my teammates but my spirits are high," Wade said as he received in-person "get well" wishes from the nation's commander-in-chief.

"I know a lot of NBA fans, whether they like the Heat or not, are pulling for Dwyane to get back into action. We wish you a speedy recovery, Dwyane," President Bush said.

Miami Heat Honored By Bush

Wade and teammate Shaquille O'Neal presented the President with a signed basketball from the Heat. The President tried to dribble it on the carpeted stage and it landed with a thud, which drew laughs from the team and audience.

In his remarks, President Bush highlighted the community service efforts of the Heat players.

"Heat players volunteer their time in all kinds of causes, ranging from reading to drug prevention to youth basketball. This is a championship team on the court, and this is a championship team off the court, and it is my high honor to welcome to the White House as the NBA champs," the President declared.