Edwards Raises More Than $14 Million


April 1, 2007 — -- Just hours after Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign announced it broke a record in campaign fundraising, John Edwards' campaign announced its own fundraising figures for the first quarter: Edwards raised in excess of $14 million, far less than the $26 million raised by Clinton.

"We're not at all concerned." said Jonathan Prince, Edwards' deputy campaign manager.

Prince said Edwards has raised far more than the $10 million they thought they would have in their campaign war chest by now.

Both campaigns trumpeted funds raised on the Internet. The Clinton campaign said it raised $4.2 million that way. The Edwards campaign said it had raised $3.3 million online from 37,000 contributors.

Though the Clinton campaign has raised nearly double what the Edwards campaign raised, Prince said, "We believe we have enough money to be highly competitive, particularly where it matters, in the early states."

He added, "The nomination is not about who has the most money."

In a telephone conference with reporters, the Edwards campaign was asked if Elizabeth Edwards' newest battle with cancer had any impact on fundraising in recent days. The campaign said it would be too difficult to say.

As for Mrs. Edwards' health, Prince said, "She is doing very well. There is nothing new to report."