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Sens Schumer & Hatch on AG Gonzales, + Bob Dole & Donna Shalala on wounded vets.

— -- SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2007


  • Battle over AG Gonzales heats up; Care for wounded soldiers back in the headlines; Obama and Clinton square-off on the campaign trail.
  • Guests:

  • Sen. Chuck Schumer,D-NY., member, Judiciary Committee
  • Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah., member, Judiciary Committee
  • Fomer Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, R-Kansas, co-chair, Wounded Warriors Commission
  • Fomer HHS Secretary Donna Shalala, D, co-chair, Wounded Warriors Commission
  • Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek International magazine, and ABC News' Cokie Roberts, David Gergen of Harvard's Kennedy School of Govenrment.
  • Our headliners this Sunday: Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT). As Senate Democrats call for the appointment of a spcecial prosecutor to investigate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for perjury and Congress charges White House aides with contempt, Sens. Schumer and Hatch join George to discuss the fallout.

    Next, in a Sunday EXCLUSIVE, the co-chairs of the President's bipartisan Commission On Care For America's Wounded Warriors, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala discuss the report they released earlier this week.

    On our roundtable, Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria, ABC News' Cokie Roberts and David Gergen of Harvard University join George to debate the week's politics.

    Plus, 15 year-old computer whiz Jacob Komar talks about the organization he founded that recycles used computers and gives them to families in need.


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  • Go into our Green Room to see the Roundtable unplugged.
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