Obama Keeps the Faith on His Blackberry

Obama tells ABC's Terry Moran his spirituality has deepened since taking office.

July 24, 2009, 9:32 AM

July 24, 2009— -- President Obama has long stood out among his fellow Democrats for the ease with which he speaks about his personal faith. In an exclusive interview, Obama told ABC News his spirituality has deepened since he took office six months ago.

"I had a habit of praying every night before I go to bed. I pray all the time now," Obama laughed. "Because I've got a lot of stuff on my plate, and I need guidance all the time."

Then, taking a more serious tone, he told "Nightline's" Terry Moran, "When you're in this job, I think that every president who's had it is constantly humbled by the degree to which there are a lot of issues out there, and the notion that one person alone can solve all these problems -- I think you're cured of that illusion very quickly.

"This is something where you just hope that you are aligning your work with his purposes and that you're attuned to the needs of the people you're there to serve."

Obama said his personal BlackBerry, which he famously fought with the Secret Service to keep, has actually become a tool of keeping the faith.

"My Faith and Neighborhood Initiatives Director, Joshua DuBois, he has a devotional that he sends to me on my BlackBerry each day," Obama said. "That's how I start my morning. You know, he's got a passage, Scripture, in some cases quotes from other faiths to reflect on."

Read the interview transcript here.

Obama Says Faith Still a Family Priority

There has been much speculation about where the Obamas would choose to worship now that they're settled in Washington.

In April, the Obamas attended Easter services at St. John's Episcopal Church -- a short walk from the White House -- which has become known as the Church of Presidents after all the presidents who have worshiped there for nearly 200 years.

Obama also attended a prayer service in January at 19th Street Baptist Church, the city's oldest African-American Baptist congregation.

The president said it's still a priority for the family, but one that takes time.

"We haven't selected a permanent church home in D.C. I mentioned earlier that with all the transitions for the girls, but also, still trying to figure out how to move this big apparatus called the presidency without being hugely disruptive to congregations. How do we time that, how do we think about that? That's something we're still sorting out."

For now, Camp David supplements the family's spiritual life.

"You know, we've been attending church -- there's a little chapel up in Camp David when we go up there," Obama told Moran. "There's a wonderful young pastor up there, a chaplain, who does just wonderful work. And the Camp David families attend."