Tampons, Trump and 'Star Wars': What We Learned in Obama's YouTube Interviews

The president was asked random questions by three YouTube personalities.

While they talked about several serious topics -- including the fight against terrorism in the U.S. and LGBTQ equality -- the questions yielded some interesting responses and insights we might not otherwise hear in interviews with the president.

Obama Says He “Sometimes Wears His Hat Backwards”

Adande Thorne, otherwise known as “sWooZie,” asked Obama about tensions between police officers and the black community, saying “as a black man who wears his hat backwards” he feels scared of police because he is racially profiled.

“Well, I’m a black man who sometimes wears his hat backwards,” Obama responded, recalling times from his youth when he felt he was improperly stopped due to his race.

Obama urged Thorne not to “completely generalize” police, saying the vast majority were good officers who help their communities.

Obama Still Doesn’t Believe Donald Trump Has Staying Power

Asked by Thorne if he is “embarrassed for the American people” because of the rising popularity of Donald Trump, Obama continued to doubt Trump’s staying power.

“If you look at previous elections, this early in the contest a lot of times you’ll have people who are seen as front-runners because they’re noisy, they get a lot of attention,” Obama said. “The closer you get to actually deciding on a president, everybody gets a little more sober. It’s less entertainment and it’s a little more, this is serious business, this person is going to have the nuclear code, this person is going to be making a bunch of decisions, we want to make sure that they’re clear.”

Obama admitted to Thorne he still hasn’t seen the new "Star Wars" installment.

Obama said his favorite movie from the "Star Wars" saga was “the first one,” later clarifying he meant Episode IV. His favorite character is Han Solo.

How Dogs Should Wear Pants

Asked to choose between a picture showing a dog with pants on its hind legs and pants on all four legs, President Obama weighed in, saying he prefers pants on just the hind legs.

Looking at a picture with a dog wearing pants on all fours, Obama said it was “a little too conservative, too much fabric.”

In a lightning round, Obama was asked who the better rapper is: Kendrick Lamar or Drake? He went with Lamar, saying he believes the Compton rapper could defeat Drake in a rap battle.

In an interview with People, Obama said Lamar’s "How Much A Dollar Cost?" was his favorite song of 2015.

What The Properties Of "Obamium" Would Be

"SmarterEveryDay" YouTube educator Destin Sandlin asked the president: if "Obamium" was an element on the periodic table, what would its physical properties be?

“I would want it to be stable,” Obama said. “I would want it to be a catalyst but one that didn’t get too hot or too cold. And hopefully it would be one that was useful to humanity, that you could actually use.”

Obama on Tampon Taxes

Ingrid Nilsen asked Obama to weigh in on an issue he apparently was unfamiliar with: why some states have a luxury tax on tampons.

“I have to tell you I have no idea why states would tax these as luxury items,” Obama said, attempting to use the question as an opportunity to try and tout cost reforms in the Affordable Care Act. “I confess, I was not aware of this until you brought it to my attention.”

What's Inside Obama's Pockets

Closing out her interview with Obama, Nilsen said she had asked him to participate in a regular skit from her YouTube channel where she asks people to share personal stories behind items they have in their homes or office.

Obama decided to switch things up, showing some of the trinkets he has accepted from people over the years as he traveled the country on the campaign trail and as president.

Obama said he has “a whole bowl full” of items that he picks out and he keeps in his pocket as good luck charms.

“I’m not that superstitious so it’s not like I think I have to have them on me at all times,” Obama said. “But it does remind me of all the different people that I’ve met along the way and how much they’ve invested in me, and their stories, and what their hopes and dreams are.”