Ted Cruz Calls for Another GOP Debate

Ted Cruz thinks "there ought to be a debate before the vote next Tuesday."

“I think there ought to be a debate before the vote next Tuesday,” Cruz told reporters in Florida today. “Donald concluded the people of New York didn’t deserve a debate. Well, you know what? I think the people of Pennsylvania deserve a debate.”

Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island all hold their primaries next week. Cruz acknowledged today that the geography was more favorable toward Trump than to him, and that he is looking ahead to subsequent contests in Montana, Nebraska and California.

Cruz maintained that a debate, a format that seems to have benefited him in the past, showcases Trump’s lack of policy prowess and demonstrates is unreadiness to be the nominee.

“Trump is unwilling to stand on stage and debate because he cannot defend his positions or his policies,” Cruz said. “He has no substantive economic positions.”