Ted Cruz: 'I Have Always Been Faithful to My Wife'

At a town hall in Wisconsin, Cruz was asked if he committed adultery.

The Texas senator blamed Trump for a National Enquirer report published in late March. Today, he said the Trump campaign has been emailing and sending out the National Enquirer report.

Trump has previously denied having any involvement in the report’s publication.

Cruz went further than he has in the past to debunk the report.

"It's completely made-up nonsense. It's simply not true. I have always been faithful to my wife. I love my wife. She's my best friend in the world. This is the kind of garbage the Trump campaign engages in. You know why? Because they can't debate substance,” Cruz said.

When asked by Kelly if a candidate’s personal life or marital indiscretions should matter, Cruz said: “I don’t think it is a state secret that Donald’s personal life hasn’t been immaculate but I have no interest in going there.”

Cruz’s wife, Heidi, appeared with him on stage following his town hall this morning. She is a frequent surrogate for her husband on the campaign trail.

During that rally, Cruz described his marriage, saying he and Heidi Cruz have a “partnership.”

"Heidi and I talk a dozen times a day on anything, on everything,” said Cruz at the March 30 event.

He said the two were attracted to one another because they wanted "a partnership of equals who loved each other and did everything together.”