Ted Cruz Holds 10-Point Lead Over Donald Trump in New Iowa Poll

Cruz holds 10-point Iowa lead over Trump, new poll finds.

Cruz quickly took to Twitter and reacted to his frontrunner status in the new poll.

Trump also took to Twitter, but cited his lead in the CNN/ORC poll released Monday that had him ahead in Iowa.

Cruz's Iowa State Director Bryan English the new poll numbers show the campaign's work has paid off.

"While this is just one poll, these numbers are a testament to the ongoing hard work that our volunteers and Ted Cruz have put into building up our Iowa organization," he said.

In Des Moines Friday night, Trump anticipated the bad poll numbers by bashing the Des Moines Register.

"It's funny. Every time the Des Moines Register does a poll, I always do badly," he told the crowd at his town hall. "It's my opinion that they don’t do it properly because you know they poll like three or 400 people."

Trump has been waging war against the Register since the summer when the paper called for the billionaire businessman to drop out of the race.

"The Des Moines Register is the worst. They are the worst. The worst. They’re very dishonest," Trump said.