5 Things to Watch on the Final Day of the Republican National Convention

It's coming to an end today.

Here are five story lines to watch.

Trump: The Main Event

Although he’s already taken to the stage at the RNC, tonight’s speech is the show-stopper.

There was speculation about whether or not Trump’s closest competitor -- who Trump regularly called 'Lyin' Ted' — would help unify the party by extending an olive branch, and then very clearly choosing his words in order to avoid specifically telling supporters to vote for Trump.

Instead, he told them to “vote their conscience” and “vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

Ivanka Expected to Wow the Crowds

The two eldest Trump sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, had their time to praise their dad on Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively, but it's Ivanka's turn on Thursday.

Final Day for Protests

Though there have been hundreds of people protesting in the streets of Cleveland throughout the course of the convention, the vast majority of the demonstrations have been peaceful.

As of Wednesday night, there had been 22 arrests in Cleveland since Sunday, which is rather low given the sheer number of protests.

That said, the momentum has been growing as the days have progressed, and Trump’s speech may draw out the most passionate response.

Shows of Unity

One of the biggest purposes of political conventions is to unite the party after the wounds of primary season, so it will be important to gauge the overall mood of the audience at the end of their four days in Cleveland.

Gov. Mike Pence surely won some skeptical Trump supporters over with his polished speech last night, and now it’s up to Trump to show his fans that the ticket has what it takes to succeed in the general election.

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