Tim Kaine Auditions as Hillary Clinton's VP, Slams Donald Trump

Sen. Tim Kaine stumps for Hillary Clinton amid VP speculation.

Kaine is one of several people reportedly being vetted by the Clinton campaign as a potential vice presidential running mate. Today, he broke out his fluent Spanish to explain why he is "listo" or ready for Clinton.

"We were ready for Hillary because Hillary's ready for us. Hillary's ready for Virginia. Hillary's ready to be president. Hillary's ready to be our leader. Hillary's ready to make history. And that's why we're ready for Hillary," Kaine said to the cheering crowd in Annandale, Virginia.

Clinton hugged Kaine as she took the mic from him and heaped praise on the senator and former Virginia governor.

"I appreciate so much the leadership that he has shown for this state and now he is doing the same in Congress," said Clinton of Kaine.

While Kaine praised Clinton, he painted Trump as the ultimate "trash talker" and someone who would be a "you're fired" president. He called Clinton a "bridge builder" and a "you're hired" president.

"So you want the trash talker? What about the bridge builder? What about the bridge builder who served on the Armed Services Committee and worked to make us strong and worked to respect troops and worked to build up and support military families and worked to build alliances and our nation is better as a result," said Kaine.

Kaine, who came close to being President Obama's running mate in 2008, has downplayed the VP speculation swirling around him.

"The only role I’m playing is trying to help her win Virginia. I have lived in Virginia long enough to remember when we were a state that didn’t matter in presidential politics. It is now nice to be in a state that matters a lot so the work that I can do to be helpful to her is just right here at home," Kaine told ABC News earlier this month.

Kaine is seen as an attractive pick because he's the senator from a battleground state, but some critics have questioned whether he can excite the progressive wing of the party like Elizabeth Warren could.