Tim Kaine Says He's Given 'Candid Advice' to Hillary Clinton

VP candidate Tim Kaine talks to ABC's David Muir.

He continued: “Tonight, it’s really her night. Hillary’s been at podiums before but in some ways, usually connected with her husband, with others. I think this is really her beginning to get to know the American public, to just, you know, she to them."

When asked what advice he’s given to his running mate, Kaine would not reveal too many specifics.

“You know what, to give her candid advice means giving her candid advice not on TV,” Kaine said. “I already have given advice and asked questions and engaged in dialogue. She is extremely sincere knowing that the more she listens to people, the better decisions she’s going to make. I just happen to think my two cents added in on an issue along the way will help her win and help her be a great president. I’m excited to take on that role and support her."

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