Undecided Voters Make Last Minute Choice for President on Election Day

A group of voters ABC News has been following make their choices.

— -- For undecided and uninspired voters across the country, time has run out. With Election Day finally here, ABC News checked back with three undecided voters in three battleground states who have had a hard time making up their minds this year.

Lacey Dickinson, a Democrat in Philadelphia, does not agree with many of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s policies, and has been weighing casting her ballot for Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead.

Manchester, NH’s Peter Macone has struggled to swing his early support from Sen. Bernie Sanders to Clinton.

And Carolyn Garavente -– of Greensboro, NC -– has been carefully watching Donald Trump’s campaign for enough reason to continue to vote for her party’s candidate.

So who are they voting for? They shared the news with ABC News.