Top Tweets of the Presidential Race

Look back at some of the most memorable moments from the social media platform.

With the election just a day away, here’s a look back at some of the candidates’ biggest social moments:

Using the Delete Key

"Delete your account" is commonly used on social media to dismiss opinions that are deemed unworthy of further engagement. This particular missive became Clinton's most popular tweet, with more than 510,000 retweets and 674,000 “likes.”

The Trump account's response to this tweet became his most retweeted; it was shared more than 166,000 times.

Trump Talks Taco Bowls

To Every Girl Who Dreams Big

The Tweetstorm Heard Across the Country

War of the Retweets

Each of the candidates dredged up old tweets to use against their opponent. Clinton reminded her Twitter followers of Trump's allegations about Obama's nationality by quoting one of his tweets from 2012.