TRANSCRIPT: ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews Donald Trump and Mike Pence

ByABC News
September 6, 2016, 6:55 PM

— -- On Monday, September 5, 2016, ABC News "World News Tonight" anchor David Muir interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

MUIR: Mr. Trump, Governor Pence, thank you for doing this. We sit here in the great battleground state of Ohio. 63 days to go. How badly do you need to win Ohio to win that White House?

TRUMP: Well we’re up in Ohio and you see the kind of crowds we’re having in Ohio and I think we’re going to win it and certainly I think it will be very important to win Ohio. We’re going to do very well in Pennsylvania. We’re leading in Florida. We’re doing well pretty much all over but winning Ohio. First of all, I worked here for a long period of time and I loved this state and I love the people and I think we’re going to win Ohio.

MUIR: You’ve heard what people have said. Republicans do not win the White House without Ohio.

TRUMP: Well I’ve heard that and certainly we intend to win Ohio. We should win Ohio.

MUIR: Twenty days until the first big debate. Are you ready?

TRUMP: You never know, but I think so.

MUIR: Are you prepping?

TRUMP: Yeah sure. I’m prepping, maybe not in the traditional way. When I had the debates, I had 11 debates with the -- as you know -- in the primaries, and I was very satisfied. Everybody else was very satisfied with the way I did. And I think I’m working the same way I did there.

MUIR: But this will be a lot different. I mean there will be two candidates on that stage. It won’t be, you know, the list that was there during the primary.

TRUMP: Well we started off with 17 and in the end we had just a few left so, it’s not that much different. But I look forward to the debates. I think it’s gonna be very revealing.

MUIR: Any mock debates?

TRUMP: Haven’t thought about it much. It could happen. But haven’t really given it much thought.

MUIR: I read somewhere that when you were asked about the debate. You were asked about the debates and you said, ‘I know how to handle Hillary.’

TRUMP: I don’t think I’d ever say that about anybody. I don’t know how to handle you. I don’t know how to handle anybody. I’m me. I just do what I have to do. And what we’re going to be doing -- and you see it from outside when you look at those Ohio crowds we have 60 or 70,000 people right outside the door. That’s, nobody’s ever had that and what I know how to do is create jobs and that’s what I'm going to do.

I’m bringing jobs back to Ohio and Pennsylvania and all of the states and they know my stance on immigration and it’s the proper stance. But we’re going to bring jobs back. We’re gonna give jobs back in these states because we are being drained, our country’s being drained of its jobs. And we can’t have that. I see people today, they want hope, they’re desperate, they’re desperate. We had 15,000 people working in a factory and now they’re down to 500 people. From 15,000 they’re down to 500 and the jobs have all left and the companies have gone to Mexico and other places. We’re not going to stand for that.

MUIR: We couldn’t help but to notice that the Trump Pence plane is at the airport and so is Hillary Clinton’s new plane. Does that signal to you that it’s game on?

PENCE: Well I think it’s been game on with Donald Trump since the very beginning and that’s the reason why everyday he’s been winning more hearts and minds all across this country with a simple message that we can make America great again. I mean you saw thousands of people out at this county fair today. And they’re responding to a strong leader but even beyond that he’d be the first to say this is a movement of people that know that the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has weakened America’s place in the world, stifled America’s economy and Donald Trump has the qualities of leadership and he has the vision to strengthen America at home and abroad.

MUIR: Let me ask you Mr. Trump you just traveled to Mexico and you said shortly after that you and the Mexican president did not discuss who would pay for the wall. And then afterward the president of Mexico said it was discussed and that he said Mexico will not pay for it. Hillary Clinton, who’s also here in Ohio, as you know, told us a short time ago that you choked, that the idea of Mexico paying for this wall has been central to your campaign. Did you choke?

TRUMP: So let me just tell you about choking. I don’t choke. She chokes. Look at the deals she’s made. She’s responsible for so many bad things that have happened to our country including the signing by her husband of NAFTA, which has drained our country of its jobs. I’ve been given A plus, including by you people, but I’ve been given A pluses for the job I did in Mexico. All that is is a Madison Avenue soundbite. Whether I did phenomenally or not they would have said that. That was a tremendous success for me. You know that virtually everybody including my biggest critics have said that when I went down to Mexico it was a tremendous success. Mike called me and said, ‘I’ve never seen anybody look so presidential.’ Many people have said that.

PENCE: It’s true.

TRUMP: And the fact is Mexico will pay for the wall, it was discussed that it wouldn't be discussed but they know my stance and I know their stance. And until I’m president I’m not going to press anything very much, but they fully know my stance. My stance is we’re going to build a wall and Mexico’s going to pay for the wall. It’s very simple.

MUIR: Did the Mexican president break his word in talking about it?

TRUMP: They all know the ground rules and the ground rules were there. Rudy Giuliani said it, in fact Rudy was surprised. Rudy Giuliani spoke very eloquently about it. The ground rules. And we had ground rules and that’s OK. They know my stance and I know their stance. See who wins in the end. We’ll win, 100 percent, they’re going to pay for the wall.

We’re going to build a wall, they’re going to pay for the wall, we’re going to keep drugs out, we’re going to keep the people that-- we have gangs, we have gang leaders. We have drug kings. We have all of these people flowing into our country, all of those people are going to get out. We’re gonna get ‘em out. We’re gonna stop the flow of drugs into our country.

Our country is being poisoned. Our youth are being destroyed. We have cities over the weekend 20 people are overdosed on drugs. Twenty people from one city and dying. They’re dying all over our country and it’s coming, mostly, from that section of the world. We’re gonna stop it.

PENCE: Other than Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico City was universally praised. You remember that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have basically tried to paint a picture of Donald Trump that, just because you’re a strong leader at home and you have a strong vision about America’s place in the world that you don’t have the ability to sit down in a diplomatic setting and build relationships with world leaders. Last Wednesday what the American people saw, and frankly, what the world saw, was a gracious man who will represent America great on a world stage, but also will do it in a way that will command the respect of the world.

MUIR: Governor, you know what the Clinton team will say though. That Mr. Trump is talking often about Mexico paying for that wall and that this campaign returned with Mexico saying, ‘we’re not paying for it.’

PENCE: You know what you have in Donald Trump is not-

TRUMP: Oh, he didn’t say that. He tweeted that long after the meeting was over. He didn’t say that.

MUIR: You tweet a lot too though.


MUIR: And we take you at your word.

TRUMP: You have 25 million people with Facebook, why wouldn’t I take advantage of something. But the fact is he didn’t say that, he tweeted that after I left and then in the speech I made in Arizona -- which was also a really respected speech on immigration -- I said, ‘And by the way, Mexico will pay for the wall.’ I also said they might not even know it yet. But Mexico will pay for the wall, 100 percent and it’s easy because they’re making so much money. They’re taking our jobs. Drugs are pouring across the border. They make a fortune off the United States. Both at the border and with jobs.

And I like them very much, I get along very well with the president. Very, very well. I think we’ll have a very good relationship, but Mexico will pay for the wall.

MUIR: You talk about the speech. The central premise of the speech was immigration and let me just ask you about what one of your top surrogates, in the last 24 hours, Rudy Giuliani said that Donald Trump would ‘find it very difficult to throw a family that's been here in the United States for 15 years with kids who are now American citizens out of this country.’ That that’s not the America that Donald Trump wants. So will some of these families be allowed to stay?

TRUMP: First of all he’s 100 percent right. It’s very difficult. It’s a very difficult thing to do. Here’s what we’re going to do. It’s very simple. It was put out in the speech and most people understood it but the crowd -- we had 15,000 people and they’re going wild and a lot of people I guess didn’t hear it or they just were watching the reaction. What we’re going to do is we’re going to build a tremendously strong and powerful boarder. People are going to come in, but they’re going to come in legally. We’re going to get rid of all of the bads: the gang members, the drug lords and all of the different people that are here and that shouldn’t be here. We’re gonna clean things up.

Once we have a secure border -- totally secure -- we’re going to take a look at the people that you’re talking about. We're going to look at it from where our country is, from where we stand in the world, from how we’re doing as a country. We’re going to take a very good, strong, hard look at the people that remained.

MUIR: When you take a good, strong hard look, does that mean some of those 11 million undocumented immigrants will be allowed to stay?

TRUMP: It could be, but what’s going to happen is, if you’re going to be a citizen, you’re going to leave and you're going to have to come back. We’re going to do something -- you know we have thousands and thousands of people waiting on line. It’s very, very unfair to put people ahead of the line. We have right now thousands -- they’ve been waiting ten years, David, to come into the country. It’s very unfair to take people and have them circumvent the line. We’re going to speed up the line because I want people to come into the country, but they have to do it through a legal process. Tthey have to do it legally

PENCE: David, what you’re hearing here is--

MUIR: But people want to know the answer to this question. Those who are here who are undocumented who did not break the law, who are coming--

TRUMP: Well they broke the law in coming into the country.

MUIR: Right.

TRUMP: Is that a correct statement?

MUIR: If they want to be a citizen, they will have to go home?

TRUMP: If they want to be a citizen, they have to go home, get on line. Now, the line will be much more efficient. Like everything with this government, the line is a disaster right now. People are waiting for many many years and people are-- the only people that come into this country are the people that pour in. They just pour in. and many of these people are now member of the gangs and they’re now selling drugs all over the country.

A lot of people are on line. It’s very unfair to have them waiting for four years, for six years, for ten years and other people just walk into the country. We can’t do that, but we’re gonna have a very efficient process because we want people to come into the country. They have to go through the system.

PENCE: David, what Donald Trump is calling for is a fundamental reform of our immigration system. In that speech in Arizona, he said that if people want to achieve citizenship, they have to go back in line, they have to leave the country but they won’t be operating under the same visa caps of the past.

We’re gonna be working with the Congress a new commission that our new president will establish to revise and reform our immigration laws, but all with the load star on what’s in the best interest of the American people now and going forward. That, to me, was the most refreshing part of Donald Trump’s message

TRUMP: And at the time, because you're talking about building a wall, securing our border, getting all of the criminals out -- because we have perhaps millions of people who have records, criminals. We’re going to end sanctuary cities where they see people are protected. They’re swaddled, they’re protected. We can’t do that anymore. I look at the families who have been destroyed by illegal immigrants killing their daughters, their sons, their husband, their wives. We’re not gonna have that any more, David. We’re not going to have that. So we will see, at the end of the process, where we are as a country and what we'll do.

MUIR: So when those families do ultimately go home, the ones who have no record who are here, once you get the wall and the criminals out of here, as you say. Is it self-deportation?


MUIR: Or will you deport them?


MURI: How does it work?

TRUMP: They will-- If they want to become a citizen, they’ll go out and they’ll come back in through a process, but they have to get on line,

MUIR: But what is that called? I mean, most people call it--

TRUMP: They don’t call it anything

MUIR: Will they have to go--

TRUMP: They don’t call it anything, OK? They don’t call it anything. They will get on line, they’ll go behind people that have been waiting for four, five years. By that time the line, I’m sure, will be much more efficient because we do things efficiently -- right now it’s a bureaucratic mess. It’s a total mess. You know a lot of people don’t come in legally because of the fact that people are just pouring across the border. That’s the way they come into the country, right. So they will get on line and they will come in through an efficient process if they want to become a citizen.

MUIR: And if they don’t want to become a citizen?

TRUMP: They have to make a determination what happens when the border is secure

MUIR: So you’re open to them staying here undocumented?

TRUMP: I’m going to make a decision, or somebody will. Whether it’s me or somebody else because, perhaps, depending on the time -- by that time we’ll have a secure border, we’ll have a wall. We will have stopped the drugs pouring into the country. I mean, you look at states like Ohio you look at states like Pennsylvania or New Hampshire, the biggest thing on their minds is drugs. I say, ‘What’s your biggest problem?’ It’s jobs and it’s drugs. We’re gonna stop the drugs and we’re gonna bring jobs back to our states. We’re going to bring jobs back to our country.

PENCE: And Donald Trump has laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all, which has a direct relationship to the struggling economy that we face. The fact is that, here in Ohio and all over the country, illegal immigration now, for more than a generation, has cost Americans jobs, it has suppressed wages and it’s had all the other affects that he’s talked about so clearly and openly across the country.

I think what the American people are seeing is a leader that knows how to put first things first. Whether it be in a meeting in Mexico City with the president where they focused on first building a relationship, talking about the five things they agreed on: ending illegal immigration, human trafficking, ending the flow of illicit drugs and other issues. And also in this area, what people heard from Arizona last week was Donald Trump saying we’re going to put border security and internal enforcement and removing criminal aliens and those who have overstayed their visas, we’re going to deal with all of that, and for those that remain we’ll have that discussion in the future.

TRUMP: David, we have to stop the illegal flow of drugs into our country. Our country is a disaster, our youth is being poisoned, and I’m not talking about small numbers, I’m talking about massive numbers of young people whose lives are going to be destroyed and are destroyed in many cases because they’re hooked and they can’t get off it. Heroin, in particular, is so hard to get off, they’re hooked.

We are going to stop the illegal flow of drugs and, as you know, 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed me. They know better than anybody what’s happening. They endorsed me. I said to them, ‘How important is the wall?’ They said, ‘Mr. Trump, it is absolutely imperative, especially for the stopping of the drugs that are pouring in.’

MUIR: I do want to ask one more question on something you said a moment ago about people who are undocumented. You are open to the possibility that ultimately they might simply stay?

TRUMP: We’re going to make that determination at the time. Once we have a secure border and we stop the drugs and stop the bad ones and get the bad ones out, those are going to be gone immediately. Day one, first hour, I”m going to give a mandate to everybody, including the local police because they know. You know the local police know every one of the bad ones, it’s not like, ‘Oh gee, let’s figure out who it is.’ They know every bad gang member, drug kingpin, they know all of them. As soon as I will be in office for one hour and that order will go out. We’re getting them the hell out of the country.

PENCE: But David, let me also say it’s very appropriate to have lots of interest in what a President Donald Trump will do on illegal immigration. Donald Trump put the issue of illegal immigration at the center of the national debate. But what I’d also like to see, and I think millions of Americans would like to see, is more clarity about HIllary Clinton’s plan.

Hillary Clinton is presumably for open borders. She intends to impose the unconstitutional executive amnesty that the supreme court rejected. I mean, she actually wants to increase the Syrian refugee program by 550 percent. I think as much attention that’s being paid to my running mate and our position on illegal immigration, the American people deserve to know that Hillary Clinton will advocate the policies of amnesty that the American people want to reject and it will continue the flow of illegal immigration that’s costing jobs in this country and too often resulting in tragedy.

MUIR: And when it comes to Syrian refugees you still--

TRUMP: Over.

MUIR: Done, right now?

TRUMP: Done. No more. Done. We have no idea who they are, we have no idea are they ISIS-related, we have absolutely no clue. And you see what happens with just one person. You take a look, all over the world, not just here, not just San Bernadino or Orlando, or any of the other places. You take a look at what one person does, the destruction that one person can do. And it is interesting with Hillary Clinton she wants to let the Syrian refugees, or whoever they are, pour into our country. We don’t even know where they’re putting them. You know the governors of states don’t even know who’s coming into their own states.

MUIR: Have you met any of the Syrian refugees who live here now already in communities in California, Idaho?

PENCE: David, that’s really not the issue. The issue is that we live in such uncertain times and what Donald Trump has put at the center of the national debate is there simply are countries, and even territories of the world, that are so torn asunder by civil war and so compromised by terrorism that our own homeland security and FBI director said we can’t know who these people are. So the only thing that a president of the United States should do is to suspend that program immediately, put the safety and security of the American people first and initiate safe zones in the region for those that are fleeing from those war torn areas.

But secondly, Donald Trump is also calling for an extreme vetting to ensure that people who are coming into this country don’t represent a threat to ourselves and our families.

TRUMP: Extreme vetting. Let me tell you, Hillary Clinton doesn’t talk about illegal immigration. It’s a very complex subject and it’s a subject that a lot of people don’t like to get into, even though everyone knows it’s a tremendous, massive problem and basically her definition of illegal immigrant is: come on in, folks, welcome to the country. She doesn’t get who they are, where they come from, what their record is. If they’re killers they’re killers. Doesn't make any difference to her. It’s open borders, it’s take everybody’s jobs, and it’s a disaster.

And nobody can tell me that’s a popular thing, nobody can tell me it’s the right thing because it’s not the right thing. And you ever notice -- you’re talking to us about illegal immigration, which is fine with me -- but do you ever notice she never talks about it? She never brings it up. Because basically it’s an open border policy where people are going to flow into our country.

MUIR: Let me ask you about something you said recently. You said that you have regretted moments along the way to your candidacy where your words have caused personal pain. And I’m curious, who are you talking about?

TRUMP: Anybody.

MUIR: Can you just give us one example?

TRUMP: No, it’s no specifics, just anybody. Look--

MUIR: Your campaign--

TRUMP: I went through, David, I went through 16 people, we had 17. It was a very harsh, very harsh primary. People say the most in history. The most number of people, but it was the harshest in history. I was rough, they were rough on me, but you know a lot of feelings were hurt, some still, even though they signed a pledge. They haven’t been able to endorse me because they haven’t gotten over what took place. Number one, they lost, and number two, it was a tough primary.

MUIR: So you were primarily talking about the other candidates?

TRUMP: I’m talking about anybody that was offended or hurt. It’s OK. Now I have to go into the future, but I said that. And I mean it. I don’t want to hurt anybody, I don’t want to offend anybody. But if anybody was hurt. But, if you just look at the 16 people that I-- we had a total of 17 and I’m last standing.

And now you see what’s happening with Hillary. You see what’s going on with her emails. It’s a disgrace. It’s a disgusting situation where she pretends like she doesn’t know. I mean, she had her emails -- 33,000 emails -- acid washed. The most sophisticated person never heard about acid washing. Acid washing is a very expensive process and that’s to really get rid of them. Really, and these emails pertain to her wedding or her yoga classes? What’s gone on here is very serious, and I’ll be honest, I think that the FBI is having a very, very hard time. I don’t think they’ve ever been through a period where so many people are so disappointed in them.

MUIR: Do you think the FBI failed on this?

TRUMP: It’s not a question of thinking. You know what-- you cover it every night. What she did is a series of lies, gross negligence, carelessness. I mean, your document said carelessness. This is worse, this is gross negligence. They put a young man in prison, or they’re going to put him in prison, because he used the wrong Xerox machine on something. What’s going on is horrible.

MUIR: So when the director recommended no criminal charges--

TRUMP: I was shocked. Especially after he read, for a fairly long period of time, just a few of the many things that she did that were illegal.

MUIR: So is that a failure of the FBI?

TRUMP: Well it’s certainly not a moment to be proud of, I can tell you that. I can tell you that I have so many people, both legal experts and civilians, regular people that cannot believe-- you see it outside. You see the people outside, how angry.

Now I just heard that we have close to 100,000 people standing outside. They’re all for Trump. We’re in Ohio. They’re all for Trump. And you see the Hillary signs with bars on them. Look what she did is illegal. Now were the laws wrong, maybe they’re very tough, but a lot of people’s lives were ruined for doing two percent of what she did. Two percent.

You look at General Petraeus. You look at this young person whose mother is absolutely devastated because they’re going to put her son in prison and what he did is nothing compared to what she did. It’s a horrible thing. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. And our country is not very proud right now, I can tell you.

MUIR: Governor Pence, you’re making news this week in revealing that you’ll release your tax returns.

PENCE: Sure. Will be a pretty quick read.

MUIR: Pretty quick read. I’m curious, do you think the American voter has the right to see the tax returns of Donald Trump before they vote on election day?

PENCE: You know I’m very pleased to provide our tax returns. You’re going to find out my family’s a middle class family and that there will be pretty clear evidence that we haven’t profited from our 16 years in and around public life.

MUIR: Governor, I’m asking about Donald Trump and every presidential candidate going back four years--

PENCE: Look I’m releasing my tax returns. Donald Trump will release his tax returns. I’ll give mine to y’all this week and he’s going to provide his after a routine audit is done.

But it’s important for your viewers to know that both of us have filed what the law requires in the form of financial disclosure statements and I have to tell you, Donald Trump filed over a 100 pages of personal financial information. People have an opportunity to review that. But I do think an awful lot of this is a bit of a distraction. I actually was asked over the weekend on another network, making some comparison between the fact that Hillary Clinton made efforts to delete 17,500 emails and refused to turn those over to the FBI and authorities, with whether or not we had, in fact, yet released our tax returns. I just think that’s an absurd comparison, to say the least.

Both of us believe in the the public’s right to know. We’ve both been transparent, as the laws require and will continue to be. But the simple fact is that Hillary Clinton needs to step forward. Donald Trump has had more press conferences in Mexico this year than Hillary Clinton has in the United States. It's time for her to come forward, start answering questions, start coming clean about what was nothing short of a pay-to-play program when major foreign donors were able to give millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. And now we know from these emails -- that she refused to turn over, that now have come to light -- that those individuals were given access, and who knows what else, at the state department while she was secretary of state.

MUIR: Let me ask you, Governor, because you said something a moment ago You think the talk about Donald Trump and his taxes, and whether or not he’ll release his returns before Election Day, you think that's a distraction?

PENCE: I think-- I have never seen, in my lifetime in and around politics, the level of media attacks on a public figure, the likes of which I’ve seen on my running mate.

MUIR: I guess I’m asking-- you think people ought to have the right to see--

PENCE: You have a level of dishonesty, you have a level of dishonesty in the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state, the likes of which the American people have never seen. The FBI released their notes from their interview on a Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend. But fortunately, still the press covered it very thoroughly. And we found out that she actually made classified information available through her private server that could have been hacked and exposed by enemies of this county. That had sensitive information, including information about drone strikes.

The real scandal is that we’re finding out more and more every day that Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state, and her husband, were operating a foundation that allowed foreign donors to contribute millions of dollars that wouldn’t otherwise be able to contribute to American politics. And, you know, this wasn't unknown.

When Indiana Senator Richard Luger was questioning Secretary of State Clinton during her confirmation hearings, he warned her about the potential that foreign individuals would try to take advantage of the Clinton Foundation. I’m told that President Obama and his team actually asked her create a firewall, and now more emails that come out -- David, I just have to tell you, we’ll release all the information on our tax records, Donald Trump will release his tax returns when his audit is done -- but I believe this is all a distraction by many in the media who simple don’t want to focus on this widening scandal around the Clinton Foundation and this pay-to-play program that happened during Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of state.

MUIR: I do want to let you both know that we pressed her on the Clinton Foundation before we sat down with the two of you.

TRUMP: That’s fine. But, by the way, the FBI interviewed her during a major holiday, maybe it was the Fourth of July. Nobody ever heard of a thing like that. Then they released her papers late just prior to Labor Day weekend where people were away and not watching you show as much et cetera, et cetera. You need to say, what’s going on?

Now, as far as my taxes are concerned, the only one that cares is the press, I will tell you. And even the press, I tell you, it’s not a big deal.

MUIR: You don't think there are voters out there who--

TRUMP: I don’t think so. I think people don't care. But for two reasons: Number one, I released the most extensive financial review of anybody in the history of politics. It’s either 100 or maybe more pages of names of companies, locations of companies, et cetera, et cetera, and it's a very impressive list and everybody says that. But I released a massive list, far more than you-- you don't learn much in a tax return.

Number two, when this routine audit is done -- and I’ve been audited, I think, for 15 straight years -- when the audit is done, I’ll release them. I don't know when that's gonna be, it could be soon, it could be not. But every lawyer will tell you -- I was watching one of your competitors who happens to be a lawyer and said, well, nobody will release during what's called a routine audit. And that’s it. I don't think anybody cares, except some members of the press. I really don’t.

MUIR: Tax returns do reveal how much someone has paid in taxes. And how much they've given in charitable giving.

TRUMP: Well that's OK. But i've given a list on things that are given to charity. I have given that list. In fact, I made that list available. I’ve made a list available.

MUIR: But you won’t reveal what you’ve paid in taxes unless the audit is done?

TRUMP: When the audit is done, it will happen. I mean, I’ve gone through audits almost my whole adult life.

MUIR: Before we head out into the crowd that’s waiting outside. We sit here in Ohio, very popular governor, John Kasich, you've stood on that debate stage against him. I’m curious, Governor Pence, do you believe that Mr. Trump is getting the support that’s expected for a Republican nominee from leaders of the Republican party. Is it adequate?

PENCE: Well I think were earning more support each and every day.

MUIR: But what about Governor Kasich here in Ohio?

PENCE: Well we've been in contact with him. I hold Governor Kasich in high regard. Look, these two went through a tough competition together. I respect that, these things sometimes take time. But you know, I was in Utah just the other day with Governor Gary Herbert and Senator Orrin Hatch, I think we're seeing members of Congress, we’re seeing governors around the country coming alongside Donald Trump. But what gets me even more excited by a lot is the thousands of people at the county fair today. It's the thousands of people that turn out on very short notice for rallies for Donald Trump or with Donald Trump.

I mean, this is a man who has spoken into the heart of the American people, who know we can do better. Who know that seven and a half years of the kind of leadership that Barack Obama, what Hillary Clinton will continue, has weakened America's place in the world, it’s stifled America’s economy, and walked away from the constitutional framework our founders enshrined. And the Supreme Court is an enormously important issue.

With all due respect, David, as you’ve talked about a couple of issues in this interview, what I hear about, when I’m campaigning with Donald Trump or for Donald Trump are the security of the American people, the prosperity of the American people, the Supreme Court of the United States and ensuring that we have the highest standards of integrity in the highest office in the land and on every one of those issues Donald Trump is the clear choice.

MUIR: And you’ll make that case on that debate stage?

TRUMP: Well I think so and you know I'm disappointed that people signed a pledge -- and they signed it so I would sign it, just so you remember. The pledges were signed by everybody so that I would sign it because they didn’t want me to be out there as a free agent, so to speak. But I’m disappointed-- and most of them came through, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, we have so much-- Chris Christie, I have so much support. People don’t talk about the support.

MUIR: But as you sit here in Ohio, are you upset with Governor Kasich?

TRUMP: I would say I’m disappointed because we are winning Ohio, we’re doing great nationally, as you understand. I mean, we’re doing very well, I think we’re going to win. I don’t think the American people are going to allow four more years of Barack Obama and that’s what they’ll get with Hillary Clinton except I think it’ll be even worse.

MUIR: Thank you, Mr. Trump. Governor Pence. Thank you.

TRUMP: Thank you.